GENERAL METALLISERS LIMITED An ISO 9001:2000 accredited company that is the largest manufacturer and supplier of metallised paper in India. With the latest technology and equipment by our side, our products today have an unparelled value for money. The company caters to the needs of a wide range of industries viz. cigarette, packaging, printing, labels, gift wraps etc. Our products and services are proof of our constant endeavour of outdoing ourselves. The spirit of innovation, dynamism and the determination to excel has not only motivated us to reach the top but to maintain that status as well.

Aim & Belief: Continuous Improvement is essential for our growth. We believe in competing with ourselves. We aspire to be world renowned suppliers of high quality & eco-friendly products. Our employees are our strength and their competence influence in all areas of business processes enhances performance. After all organizations grow if its people grow.

Envisioning Future: With a foresight to preserve the natural environment we have come up with new ideas and clean solutions. (rest yet to come)