Cigarette Inner Bundling
General Metallisers serves major cigarette companies in Asia , with whom we have a spotless reputation for quality, service and delivery reliability. Our innerliner products, applying vacuum metallizing technology, are chosen thanks to the important environmental advantages they offers vis--vis traditional, foil-based innerliner products. Our innerliner products apply exclusively water based lacquer systems and are submitted to the most stringent quality standards. General Metallisers provides its clients with different varnish colors and finishing and often engages in collaboration with its clients in new, innovative developments.

Our Liner Paper has proven performance across a wide range of latest cigarette packaging machines to include Focke, GD etc.

In combination with the carton, our liner contributes to a combined weight of >95% regarded as paper, which can be REPULPED, RECYCLED or COMPOSTED.

GM's Innerliner performance
• Excellent dead fold properties
Strong Metallic look
Excellent Embossing effect
High Gloss
Free from fluff